2016-2017 Calendar

Written by Bob Techentin on .

The Patrol Leader Council (PLC) met this past month, and the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) presented an activity schedule and budget to the Troop Committee.  The committee approved the plan and budget.  While we do not have all of the dates set for the outings yet, here is an outline of next year for Troop 186.  You can always check the calendar on the web site at http://troop186.techentin.net/calendar


  • Troop meetings almost every Monday 7:00-8:30pm
    • First meeting September 12
  • Patrol Leader Council (PLC) second Sunday of the month 6:00-7:00pm
  • Adult Committee meeting immediately following the PLC
  • Sept. 23-25: Swimming and Fishing at Myre Big Island State Park
  • October 1-2: Camporee in Preston
  • October TBD: Shooting Sports Campout at GSR
  • November 7:  Court of Honor
  • November TBD: Cooking Campout at Camp Decorah
  • December 9-11: Catholic Troop Campout at Whitewater State Park
  • January TBD: Snow Sports Campout at Camp Phillipo
  • February 11:  Camporee (day trip)
  • February 24-26:  First Campout for New Scouts at Whitewater State Park
  • March TBD:  Lock in, sports and fitness
  • April TBD:  Biking Campout near Lanesboro
  • May 6-7: Service and Fun Campout at McGowan Farm