Upcoming Events

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Don't forget, there is a court of honor on October 27th of 2014 at St. Francis from 7pm until 8pm. All scouts are urged to finish up any advancements soon, especially scout master conferences and boards of review. All scouts are asked to attend.


  • The First Aid merit badge will be offered on November 2nd 1-6pm (tentative)
  • The Archery Merit Badge will be offered on Thursday, October 23rd from 5:30-6:30 at Coyote Creek
  • Popcorn/Wreath sale ends on the 31st of October
  • The Biking Campout will be from the 24-26th of October. We will meet in the Cub Foods parking lot on the 24th at 6pm and attend the 10am mass at Resurrection Catholic Church on the 26th and will arrive at Cub at 11am. The campout will be at Isinour Management Are on County Road 17 North of Preston, MN

Remember to check the website regularly to receive new on upcoming campouts and other scouting events.